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How to dress if you are "curvy"? Does oversize make potato sacks look like the smallest? And again: "There are outfits that can only be worn from sizes 42 and down". "If you are thin, everything fits you." Questions and statements that often resonate on social networks or in conversations with relatives, friends, colleagues. But what is the truth? Good taste in dressing is independent of the number that can be read on the label.

And there are some combinations that will enhance every woman's body, no matter what it is. Here are 4 trending summer outfits for summer/autumn 2022 that will always look impeccable no matter what the wearer's body shape is.

1. Aztec: 

The Aztec print is a mix of zig-zags, polka dots, strips, chevrons and others imbibed in solid shapes like triangles, circles and outlines. These patterns form fine print that looks stylish yet elegant at the same time.

Plus Size Aztec Clothing

  2. Leopard Outfit

Leopard is a wild, sexy, rebellious and luxurious element, a leopard print through and through shows overall sexiness.

Plus Size Leopard Print Clothing

3. Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye, as the name suggests, is to tie up a certain part of the clothing and then dye it. It is a traditional dyeing process. The design of tie dye makes the dress popular and lively.

Plus Size Tie-Dye Clothing

4. Boho Outfits

The boho outfit features bright colors, simple materials, and beautiful patterns. In that space, it looks very messy, but it is extremely harmonious and also very exotic.

Plus Size Boho Outfits

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