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Winter is almost upon us, so the time has come to take a look at the seasonal trends to understand which are the must-haves for Winter 2022-2023. When the first cold weather is about to arrive, the item of clothing to focus on is undoubtedly the coat, an evergreen and always elegant, versatile piece suitable for all looks, perfect for both the more casual ones and elegant outfits. What is the trendiest coat of the season? Which models to choose and which colors and patterns to focus on?

Plaid Zipper Coat

The plaid print coat is casual, stylish and timeless, the zipper front makes the coat easy to wear, perfect for everyday wear, side pockets are great for carrying items and warming hands, show off your style with your favorite tee, jeans, boots.

  Plaid Zipper Coat

Lapel Plush Coat

Adorable collar with ultra-feminine, and shape-determining style must-haves, contours range from oversized double-breasted buttons to shapes and enveloping designs.

Lapel Plush Coat

Cheetah Hooded Coat

Premium fleece is great for a comfortable fit, plus size with hood and pockets for a simple, sleek design popular with modern women.

Cheetah Hooded Coat

Plaid Button Up Coat

The plaid print is effortless yet retro and timeless, wear it to show the wearer's style, the button closure makes everyday wear easy and convenient, the pockets store things and warm the wearer's hands, it can be worn with shirts and pants for a casual look, with a dress for an elegant look.

Plaid Button Up Coat

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