Aztec Clothing for Women (68)

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What does Aztec style mean?

The Aztec print is a mix of zig-zags, polka dots, strips, chevrons and others imbibed in solid shapes like triangles, circles and outlines. These patterns form fine print that looks stylish yet elegant at the same time.

Where does Aztec pattern originate from?

In the Valley of Mexico, where the Aztec Empire was born, tribes from the north of Mexico had been coming and settling since the 6th century. Each of them brought a different culture imbued with different experiences. The Aztec designs were a result of a mixture of all these cultures.

Is Aztec print still in fashion?

Aztec printed accessories are in right now. From Aztec printed skirts to Aztec printed cell phone covers, you can add this colorful and head-turning style throughout your outfit.