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  • Shewin Copyright Light Pink
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  • Shewin Copyright Laurel Green
  • Shewin Copyright Red Sandalwood
  • Shewin Copyright Guacamole Green
  • Shewin Copyright Jungle Green
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  • Shewin Copyright Skobeloff
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  • Casual
  • Boho
  • Basic
  • Active
  • Sexy
  • Elegant
  • Party
  • Vintage
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  • V Neck
  • Round Neck
  • Crew Neck
  • Collar
  • Straps
  • Square Neck
  • Spaghetti Strap
  • Deep V Neck
  • Asymmetrical Neck
  • Boat Neck
  • Cowl Neck
  • Funnel Neck
  • Halter
  • High Neck
  • Keyhole Neckline
  • Off the Shoulder
  • One Shoulder
  • Scoop Neck
  • Stand Neck
  • Turn Down Collar
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  • Shift
  • Sheath
  • Flared
  • Oversized
  • Fit and Flare

Sleeve Type

  • Puff Sleeve
  • Regular Sleeve
  • Drop Sleeve
  • Batwing Sleeve
  • Roll Up Sleeve
  • Raglan Sleeve
  • Bishop Sleeve
  • Layered Sleeve
  • Flounce Sleeve
  • Petal Sleeve
  • Bell Sleeve
  • Butterfly Sleeve
  • Leg-of-mutton Sleeve
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  • Daily
  • Summer
  • Vacation
  • Winter
  • Beach
  • Sport
  • Outdoor
  • Night club
  • Party
  • Home
  • Date
  • Office
  • Wedding
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Pattern Type

  • Solid
  • Floral
  • Striped
  • Plain
  • Patchwork
  • Letter
  • Swiss Dot
  • Argyle
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Waist Line

  • Natural
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US Warehouse
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  • Beige Buttoned Sleeve Asymmetric Neck Oversized Sweatshirt

    Item NO.:LC25317380-P15

  • Vineyard Green Buttoned V Neck Split Sleeve Knit Top

    Item NO.:LC277414-P2409

  • White Buttoned V Neck Split Sleeve Knit Top

    Item NO.:LC277414-P1

  • Smoke Gray Solid Color Button Decor Batwing Sleeve Tee

    Item NO.:LC25223802-P7016

  • Rose Red Solid Color Side Slit Tunic Top

    Item NO.:LC25224868-P6

  • Medium Grey Ribbed Knit Exposed Seam Round Neck T-shirt

    Item NO.:LC25224229-P3011

  • White Solid Loose Crew Neck Fleece Sweatshirt

    Item NO.:LC25317270-P1

  • Jet Stream Draped Asymmetric Neck Keyhole Back Satin Blouse

    Item NO.:LC25128477-P2015

    EST SHIP:07/11/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Beige Mock Neck Knitted Dolman Top

    Item NO.:LC277419-P15

  • Iceland Blue Mock Neck Knitted Dolman Top

    Item NO.:LC277419-P104

  • Black Solid Color Ribbed Knit Crop Tank Top

    Item NO.:LC25611742-P2

  • Apricot V Neck Draped Batwing Sleeve Ruffle Top

    Item NO.:LC25121754-18

  • Dusk Blue Half Sleeve Ruffle Edge Chambray Open Kimono

    Item NO.:LC7821223-P704

    EST SHIP:07/14/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Peach Blossom Solid Color Round Hem Yoga Tank Top

    Item NO.:LC25612401-P4010

    EST SHIP:06/24/2024
  • Wisteria Solid Color Round Hem Yoga Tank Top

    Item NO.:LC25612401-P208

    EST SHIP:06/24/2024
  • Black Solid Color Round Hem Yoga Tank Top

    Item NO.:LC25612401-P202

    EST SHIP:06/24/2024
  • Pink Cable Knit Mixed Textured Short Sleeve Sweater

    Item NO.:LC2724653-P10

  • Apricot Sequin Cuffs Bubble Sleeve Blouse

    Item NO.:LC25128255-P18

    EST SHIP:07/10/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • White Solid Color Drop Shoulder Baggy Sweatshirt

    Item NO.:LC25317333-P1

    EST SHIP:07/07/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Light Beige Solid Color Drop Shoulder Baggy Sweatshirt

    Item NO.:LC25317333-P4016

    EST SHIP:07/06/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Black Solid Color Crew Neck Pleated Sleeveless Top

    Item NO.:LC25127653-P2

  • Black Textured Tie Neck Ruffle Sleeve Blouse

    Item NO.:LC25128047-P2

  • Black Plain Round Neck Hollow Short Sleeve Knit Top

    Item NO.:LC2725396-P202

    EST SHIP:06/24/2024
  • Clearly Aqua Pocketed Ribbed Long Sleeve Top

    Item NO.:LC25128005-P2709

    EST SHIP:07/06/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Black Pocketed Ribbed Long Sleeve Top

    Item NO.:LC25128005-P2

    EST SHIP:07/03/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Beige Corduroy Round Neck Ruffled Flounce Sleeve Blouse

    Item NO.:LC25128259-P15

  • White Split Neck Quilted Raglan Sleeve Blouse

    Item NO.:LC25128120-P1

  • Dusk Blue V Neck Crinkle Dolman Blouse

    Item NO.:LC2554901-P704

  • Bright Pink Ruched Sleeves Knotted Backless Blouse

    Item NO.:LC25126790-P106

  • White Solid Color V Neck Ruffle Sleeve Loose T Shirt

    Item NO.:LC25128617-P1

    EST SHIP:06/24/2024
  • Carbon Grey Ribbed Knit Pocketed Loose Fit Crew Neck T Shirt

    Item NO.:LC25225328-P4011

    EST SHIP:06/25/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Beige Ribbed Knit Pocketed Loose Fit Crew Neck T Shirt

    Item NO.:LC25225328-P15

    EST SHIP:06/25/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Pink Ribbed Knit Pocketed Loose Fit Crew Neck T Shirt

    Item NO.:LC25225328-P10

  • Turquoise Ribbed Knit Pocketed Loose Fit Crew Neck T Shirt

    Item NO.:LC25225328-P404

  • Black Ribbed Splicing Short Sleeve Round Neck T-shirt

    Item NO.:LC25224394-P2

  • Black Floral Jacquard Square Neck Tank Top

    Item NO.:LC25611630-P2

    EST SHIP:07/02/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • White Twist Textured Long Sleeve Plain Pullover

    Item NO.:LC25128303-P1

    EST SHIP:07/03/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Black Contrast Trim V-Neck Loose Fit Tank Top

    Item NO.:LC25611787-P2

  • White Hollow Knit Splicing Keyhole Back Tunic Top

    Item NO.:LC25223485-P1

  • Pink Patch Pocket Ribbed Knit Short Sleeve Sweater

    Item NO.:LC2724250-P10

  • Green Patch Pocket Ribbed Knit Short Sleeve Sweater

    Item NO.:LC2724250-P309

  • White Waffle Bishop Sleeve Split Oversized Sweatshirt

    Item NO.:LC25128307-P1

    EST SHIP:07/05/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Clearly Aqua Ruffle Strap Crinkle Textured Sleeveless Shirt

    Item NO.:LC25128170-P2709

  • White Reversible V Neck Tab Sleeve Lace Embroidered Blouse

    Item NO.:LC25128615-P1

    EST SHIP:06/24/2024
  • Strawberry Pink Textured Knit Mock Neck Raglan Sleeve Loose Top

    Item NO.:LC25128262-P306

    EST SHIP:06/23/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Fushia Stud Detail Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie

    Item NO.:LC25317332-P1410

    EST SHIP:07/13/2024

    BUY 6 GET 10% OFF ...

  • Apricot Solid Color Ribbed Knit Crop Tank Top

    Item NO.:LC25611742-P18

  • Black Solid Color Basic Round Neck Tunic T Shirt

    Item NO.:LC25225278-P2


FAQ About Plain T-shirts in Bulk for Women

Q1: What type of plain shirts are in this collection?

There is a wide range of all types of tops designed in plain in this collection, including, plain crop tops in bulk, women's tank tops, hooded sweatshirts, and plain sweaters. As one of the reliable plain T-shirt wholesale suppliers, we understand the significance of versatility, therefore, these plain tops are also designed in different colors, like white and black t-shirts and hoodies, vibrant solid-color shirts, etc. All the plain tops are curated to cater to every unique taste.

Q2: How to get your plain T-shirts for sale?

Firstly, you should confirm what plain t-shirt styles are suitable for your boutiques and customers, such as oversized styles, casual pieces, vibrant colors, etc. And next, it's time to talk buying, you need to sign up for an account at Shewin, and then add the styles with the correct sizes and quantities to your shopping cart, and finish the order after you pay it. Every T-shirt is eligible for open-pack purchase, which enables you to experiment with the styles in a few quantities quickly without investing a vast amount of money.

Q3: What are your highly recommended plain styles?

Currently, shirts and sweatshirts are the best sellers in our collection, especially for casual pieces in light colors, like white, gray, black, etc. Before spring comes, we suggest you stock plain T-shirts in advance. The trends are changeable, you can contact us for the latest popular styles.

Q4: What is the minimum order quantity for wholesale plain shirts?

There is a US$39 minimum spend applied for plain t-shirts orders, and no minimum quantities are required. And for dropshipping orders, there is no limit.
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2.There are 3 kinds of elasticity: High Elasticity (two-sided stretched), Medium Elasticity (one-sided stretched) and Nonelastic (can not stretched ).

3.Color may be lighter or darker due to the different PC display.

4.Wash it by hand in 30-degree water, hang to dry in shade, prohibit bleaching.

5.There maybe a slightly difference on detail and pattern.

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