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Classic Wrap Dress - Timeless Spring and Summer Fashion Item

         Just as there are classics in the literary world and classics in the music world, there are also time-honored classics in the fashion circle. They are eternal stars that shine in the times, and they are still shining no matter when they look. DVF's Wrap Dress is just such a classic fashion item. Since its birth in 1974, Wrap Dress has always been a must-have fashion item in women's wardrobes during the half-century of fashion changes. In 1976, this wrap dress It was selected into the fashion art collection of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, and in 1979, the "New York Times" announced that the global sales of wrap dress that year reached 150 million US dollars. When we think about "why can this dress become a classic?", we are always fascinated by its charming design language and the free spirit behind it.

       The wrap skirt comes from its founder, Diane von Furstenberg. In 1974, she created the wrap dress, which triggered a fashion movement and became a symbol of the freedom and liberation of women worldwide.


                                      Diane von Furstenberg

           The free style of Wrap Dress is fully embodied in its extremely concise tailoring. There are no buttons, no zippers, and no concealed buckles. It only uses a tie to outline the curvaceous beauty of women. This kind of curvaceous beauty is different from the old-world body sculpting elements. It is balanced between sexy and elegant. It is just right and very tolerant. In addition to the strong fashion style, it also makes the wearer feel more comfortable and confident. The V-neck design is also one of the distinctive logos of Wrap Dress. The exquisite neckline is elegant and elegant, and it has a very feminine style and a capable and independent freedom of working women.

Picture from "American Hoax", Sydney played by Amy Adams

         Because of the concise tailoring of wrap skirts, no buttons, no zippers, and the laces can be adjusted according to different figures, it perfectly adapts to all body types, so it quickly became popular all over the world and was loved by the public.


        The reason why thousands of women are so fascinated by wrap skirts is not just the freedom to wear. In the 1970s, the West began the womens liberation movement. Women began to become bold and pursue sexy. Under the influence of hippie culture, yearning for freedom and romance was the trend of that era. At the same time, women gradually joined the ranks of work. Appeal the independent spirit of the workplace to outfits. The emergence of wrap skirts is like an ideal image for them. The design of only one tie allows the body to be stretched like never before, revealing avant-garde sexy style secretly in elegance, and wrap skirts have become the world A symbol of women's freedom and liberation.

      Therefore, in the half-century of fashion circulation, wrap dress have entered the wardrobes of fashionable women around the world. They may have different professions, skin colors, and figures, but they all belong to the group of modern independent women, and many of them are politicians and dignitaries. The favorite of celebrities and ladies. Women such as the former first lady of the United States, Mrs. Obama, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Princess Kate of the United Kingdom, Princess Mathilde of Belgium, American entrepreneur and famous host Oprah also chose wrap dress on important occasions. The dress is not just choosing a style, but choosing an identity and an image. What fascinates women all over the world is not just the elegant skirt of the wrap dress, but the expression of freedom and independence behind it.


On December 9, 2006, Aniston chose a ruffled wrap dress for the premiere of FX

       The reason why classics are called classics, in addition to the inheritance and continuation of the original design, also requires continuous innovation according to the changes of the times. In the last century, traditional wrap dress were mostly printed patterns, which are in line with the pop trend in New York. However, the popular wrap skirts are no longer limited to elegant styles, and can incorporate elements and colors of any style, suitable for any occasion. Among them, the combination of polka dots and wrap skirts, which represents French elegance, has become an eternal classic. The polka dot wrap dress below combines the simple cut elegance of wrap skirts and the romantic sweetness of ruffles, which is very suitable Vigorous spring and summer.



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