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Sweater Vest - The Perfect Transition of the Seasons

If you observe carefully, a slightly low-key style is slowly becoming popular on ins, and the sweater vests worn by our parents and even grandparents have gradually become a new trend.

The hot and cold transitional weather is the most troublesome. We often worry about not knowing what to wear. This is the reason why sweater vests for women are popular. Nothing can withstand the cold better than putting on several pieces of clothes. The sweater vest is made of soft knitted fabric and is perfect for wearing at the turn of the season. Shewin has various styles of sweater vests to keep you stylish and warm. Whether it is a basic vest or a uniquely designed sweater vest, these versatile women's sweater vests can make you happily spend every season.

How to style a sweater vest? 

Casual street style: large shirt + v neck sweater vest + pants

The V-neck sleeveless sweater and white shirt are perfect partners. It is undeniable that layering and mixing are the fashion dressing rules that the fashion industry has been pursuing. It is the standard to test the wearer's ability to match clothes. Usually, only high-level fashionistas can apply layering to the fullest, and ordinary people often cannot layer clothes well to create a surprising but not messy fashion effect. However, sweater vests are the simplest way to stack them, and they will never go wrong. The v neck sweater vest and the large shirt underneath are visually coordinated and complement each other. Following the fashion principle of loose tops and tight bottoms, a wide shirt with tight jeans or leggings outlines a charming body proportion and long legs.


Back to school season: shirt + college-style knit sweater vest + plaid skirt

A vest with pants is a more casual street style, but if you are a student worrying about returning to school in September, then choosing a college-style sweater vest with a shirt and a checkered skirt is the best dress for the first day of the school season. Recently, the academy wear trend of "Mean Girls" has made a comeback again, isn't it? Maybe you can give it a try.


The most gentle style: Maxi dress + knitted sweater vest

The vest can be flexibly matched with a variety of items, not only with classic shirts. The sweater vest and the long-sleeved one-piece dress give a gentle feminine beauty. The collision of the solid-colour knitted sweater vest and the bohemian floral dress is another romantic style.

70's style: cropped sweater vest + long shirt + flared jeans

Trends are always reincarnated one after another, and retro styles in the 70s are showing up on sweater vests and shirts. The knitted cropped vest with the length above the waist no longer has a casual feel. Still, it becomes an embellishment of the long shirt inside, instantly raising the waistline, increasing the visual centre of gravity, and lengthening the body proportion. The long shirt on the inside is also more designed than the formal shirt, usually with an irregular edge hem. And the cropped sweater vest and the strong trend of the season-puff sleeve shirts form a strong duet. The 70s vintage flared jeans also work best with the top.


Sexy and elegant: tight-fitting vest + wide-leg pants

Don't think that you can't wear a sleeveless sweater vest if it's hot. In fact, there is no need for inner shirt, just underwear and a tight-fitting tank top. A single-wear vest and wide-leg pants to form an A-shaped version with a narrow top and a wide bottom, which is another interpretation of elegance.

Sophistication first: high-necked vest

The high-neck sweater vest is very suitable for those who are looking for a sense of refinement. The high-neck sweater vest can be worn alone; of course, it can also be worn with a shirt. The high-neck sleeveless sweater vest is the most fashionable vest of all vests because the bold cut usually comes with exaggerated large cuffs, and even the entire charming waist skin can be seen. The low-key designs of side slits or high and low hem also inadvertently reflect its sense of refinement.

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